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A key factor that contributes to a successful relationship between an Aquarius man and Capricorn woman is their dedication to making their union a success. Another factor that keeps an Aquarius man and Capricorn woman together in a relationship is their ability to work as a team together. The Aquarius man is a visionary. On the other hand, the Capricorn woman is organized and hardworking with a strong determination to succeed.

She will do anything to ensure that his man becomes successful in implementing his ideas.

Capricorn Compatibility

The deep understanding between the Aquarius man and Capricorn woman keeps the bond of marriage strong. Unlike most marriages, the foundation of Capricorn and Aquarius marriage is not built on love but on friendship and loyalty. The Aquarius man can be slow in a relationship, but he is reliable. As a result, both remain convinced that they have made the right choice. This conviction brings stability to an otherwise odd couple. The chances of successful marriage will be high when both the partners have accepted their differences.

The marriage between the Aquarius man and the Capricorn woman starts on a slow footing. They steadily build the foundation of the marriage by spending quality time together. Since she is a bit emotionally reserved, the Capricorn woman feels at ease when married to an Aquarius man. The Capricorn woman wants a constant friend who she can trust. As a result, she is not frightened when he suddenly becomes detached. The Capricorn woman is highly ambitious. She appreciates the creative thinking of the Aquarius man.

The Aquarius husband gives direction while the Capricorn wife creates a plan to reach the destination. Where the Aquarius man lacks organization, the Capricorn gives it to her. She pushes him forward toward the heights of success. She can take a lot of negativity since she expects it from others. These two traits make her immune to the variable mood and behavior of the Aquarius man.

The Capricorn woman will not nag the Aquarius man on his relaxed and careless approach. She will take on some of the responsibilities of her husband. His neglectful attitude and her responsible nature create a balance, thereby keeping the marriage afloat. Discover the secret desires of an Aquarius man. Watch this short video.

Creativity and imagination fuel a Capricorn woman and Aquarius man in bed. The Capricorn woman is rather difficult to turn on. But what can be challenging for most men is a walk in the park for an Aquarius man.

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He loves experimentation and will go the extra mile to satisfy his partner. He is a tireless and energetic lover who can turn on even the most difficult of women. The Aquarius man will take charge and the Capricorn woman will obediently respond to his advances. They enjoy intimate relations they share in bed.

While the Capricorn woman tends to act cold and reserved, she responds rather well to Aquarius men. Such men share a good chemistry with Capricorn women and know all the secrets to intimacy.

Sexual Compatibility Between Aries Man and Capricorn Woman

The chemistry between the two goes beyond sex. The Aquarius man and Capricorn woman tend to find comfort, solace, and support in each other through physical intimacy. But once they get comfortable with each other, they engage in lovemaking with great grace and finesse. The Capricorn woman is firm in lovemaking. She will do everything to satisfy her man in bed every single time.

But the Aquarian man has variable demands. The variable passion of the Aquarian man and the constant nature of the Capricorn woman can be a recipe for disaster. The anywhere, anytime approach of an Aquarian man can create conflict when it comes to romance. Sexuality may not take center stage in a relationship between an Aquarius and the Capricorn woman.

But it will certainly act like glue keeping them tied together in a satisfying relationship. Read more about Aquarius man : aquarius man taurus woman , aquarius man aries woman , aquarius man scorpio woman , aquarius man gemini woman , and aquarius man cancer woman. Liz Roby.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

They are both signs ruled by the element of Earth, which is a good thing. This connection is thought to be a pleasant one. To begin with, we will first describe each one of them separately.

What Are People Born under the Sign of Capricorn like?

He is a man in search of perfection, on all levels of life. The perfection he seeks is not necessarily what is considered the best and perfect from a generalized point of view; it does not matter that much.

He believes he knows what it is, while, deep inside, he constantly questions it all. It appears either as he is indifferent or distant and cold, while, in fact, he is unsure whether what he feels is true love or not. There are no definitions on what the love would be, in general, so it confuses him a lot. He could say that he love you and truly stand behind his words, while in the next moment he realizes or thinks it is not love at all.

Virgo man is honest and he would not lie or cheat on you, it is his insecurity that makes him this way. However, Virgo man is pretty strict, well organized and confident about everything else, that does not require too much of an emotional engagement. He loves to create, organize, re-organize, sort and control things.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

He has an eye for details and is the most diligent and meticulous in his work. Material success is important, but not because of a fancy display, but because of stability, security and decency. Decency is very important to a strict Virgo. He works hard, but it fulfills him; he could be a true workaholic. He would gladly stay extra hours just to finish something, polish it and make it done beyond average. The problem is others could exploit his passionate job commitment and Virgo ends up empty handed, in terms of getting what he really deserves for his hard work.

Virgo is usually successful in his career, whatever it is. If he manages to awaken deeply buried instinct of a competitor and the idea of himself commanding others, instead of simply obeying rules of those in higher position, he could reach really high status. Virgo man knows his flaws and tries to handle them intimately and privately. In public, he acts as he is unaware of them. He is not a warm-hearted friends who would comfort you and let you cry on his shoulder, but be sure he will be there for you.

He is not extremely compassionate, but he is reliable and loyal. He is a friend you could turn to, even after years of being disconnected for any reason, except of being estranged over some serious stuff. Virgo man is not easy to seduce, because he is very suspicious about everything considering his emotions. He is unsure if he loves you or not. Virgo man does not easily decide to start a relationship, let alone a marriage. He is demanding of a partner and he tries hard to be Mister Perfect.

He treats women with great respect and chivalry, although he is not the most romantic of men. Woman born under the sign of Capricorn is a spirited lady, unshakeable and very independent. Capricorn woman is versatile and interested in many areas of life; they feel comfortable when in commanding and organizational positions. Capricorn woman does not lack self-confidence, the sense of responsibility and duty. She has a positive mind and is motivated to get what she dreams of.

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  6. Capricorn woman does not give up easily, which could make her pretty stubborn and that is not always useful. However, she possesses certain capability of transformation and adaptation. While not the most flexible by nature, Capricorn woman realizes it is sometimes much more useful to adapt to given circumstances than trying to change them. She needs a lot of repetition of mistakes to become aware of that, because she is a stubborn learner, as we have mentioned. Nevertheless, she possesses incredible stamina, determination and focus.

    Capricorn woman is innovative, inventive and efficient. She is communicative and talkative personality, so the best type of career for a Capricorn woman is some that includes the power of words. For example, Capricorn woman could be a successful journalist, reporter, lawyer, PR or teacher. Anything that is related to spoken word is suitable for a Capricorn. In addition, her spirit is fiery, she is energetic and she could easily move others. Capricorn woman is realistic, but optimistic. She does not spend days and nights regretting past times.

    While Capricorn woman is not particularly demanding in any sort of social engagement or in a romantic relationship, you have to intrigue and impress her, in order to keep her attention. She falls for charm and humor, rather than outer appearance. She needs in her life people she could rely on and talk to, whenever she feels for it. Capricorn woman is competitive, but not overly ambitious. She is satisfied with achieving at least a part of her goals and is capable of adapting her initial goals to circumstances given, although she needs to fail at least a couple of times, in order to realize there are things she cannot directly affect and change.

    Her goals are not as grandiose as, for example those of a Leo lady, but are not as modest and non-materialistic in total. She is talented for many things and usually has more than one hobby. She tries to combine work with pleasure and find a profession that will suit both her financial goals and fill her with joy. Capricorn woman does not waste time on endless flirting and she is conservative when it comes to ideas of relationship and marriage.

    Capricorn woman does not open up that easily and you have to be persistent. She enjoys attention, but not endless love games.