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  1. Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.
  2. Horoscope: January 8, 2018
  3. Love and Compatibility for January 8 Zodiac
  4. Daily Horoscope for Monday, January 8 | tuxerifexizy.tk

Beware of violence in a crowded situation.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

You don't need to be over ambitious and stressed as available opportunities can bring the kind of success you are looking for. You make an impact on young people in a project or seminar. Love and friendship bring back harmony in personal relationships. Lucky number 9.

Colour turquoise. You make dynamic and progressive changes. Business trends take you towards the fast and risky lane to achieve phenomenal results. Love and romance lead to promise and commitment. Beware of tiring yourself with details and burning yourself out in huge projects.

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Rather than being fascinated with display, look deeper for truths. You receive support from your partner. A road journey is on the cards! Avoid being double-faced in any area of life, as you don't gain from it. Celebrate to bring back vitality into your life. Colour gray. You are likely to hear some good news especially if you are waiting for it. You spend happy times with a loved one.

Your attitude and sense of humour creates a happy mood wherever you go today. Unexpected events, surprises and visitors are on the cards! Lucky number 8.

Horoscope: January 8, 2018

Colour pink. You are gracious and gentle while resolving sensitive issues. A young woman or daughter is ready to make decisions and have her own way. Sporty activity and the social whirl keep you busy. Venus boosts your income and confidence on Monday, helping ease financial stress. On Sunday, make decisions based on what you cherish.

It's never easy, but stay comfortable with being uncomfortable, Sag. Venus enters your sign on Monday, magnetizing amazing opportunities in love and money. Enjoy it all—you deserve it! Spend time tending to your home on Sunday.

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  • Daily Horoscope: January 8, 2018.
  • A little winter cleaning could help in wonderful ways! Happy birthday, Capricorn! Venus helps give you the closure or healing you need on Monday. A little spiritual seeking will go a long way toward these efforts. You may want to have a tough conversation with someone on Sunday—do it, and be brave! Consider thinking differently, Aquarius. Your thoughts determine everything, so how can you think in a way that helps you succeed? Venus blurs the boundaries between love and friendship on Monday, so find the best of both of worlds.

    On Sunday, a friend will have the right word or suggestion for you. Trust them! Stay centered.

    Love and Compatibility for January 8 Zodiac

    Speak, Scorpio, speak! Pluto will intensify efforts to communicate through a possible conflict, so be curious about the experience — but not impulsively confrontational. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday, it will give you the discipline to elevate your speaking and communication styles. You got this! Pluto will passionately electrify your finances and your values on Tuesday, so ask yourself what guides your decisions.

    Mercury in Capricorn beginning on Thursday will help as well — that will fortify your personal security and the beliefs that guide your most important decisions. Happy Seagoat Season, Capricorn! Now's the time.

    Daily Horoscope for Monday, January 8 | tuxerifexizy.tk

    Surrender can be sweet, Aquarius. When Mercury enters Capricorn, your mental connection to spirituality as you define it will be the source for your healing and personal growth. Anyone lucky enough to call you their friend is a benefactor of generosity, empathy, and loyalty.

    That said, mutuality is always the name of the game.