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This is the fearless firefighter who rushes into a blazing building without thinking twice. Brave yes, but all too often this is a placement that will suffer burns in the romance department. If you have Mars in Aries you want what you want but don't seem to consider any consequences. You have a very strong sex drive and it's likely that you'll want to get down to business immediately and often. Always first at the finish line, those with Mars in Aries will take pride in being the number one lover although you tend towards being selfish in bed and may rush. Angry words—some of the most incisive and sarcastic ones—can fly around with the more energetic natives.

Others simply talk things through—energetically! In fact, debates are a Mars in Gemini specialty. These natives draw on their sharp wit to win arguments. In general, they can be talkative sorts, sometimes bordering on verbal diarrhea. Some people with this position of Mars are quite fidgety. They have much nervous energy.

In general, their nervousness and restlessness are at the root of plenty of physical ups and downs.

Sexual Compatibility - Mars in Aries Venus in Aries

Many Mars in Gemini natives channel their energy through their hands. Many are attracted to puzzles and games as diversions. These natives are very adaptable, often thriving on change. They often take up many projects at once, spreading themselves thin at times. Sustained interest is not especially common with this position of Mars. Most will benefit from attempting to focus their energies rather than scattering them. However, their versatility and disdain for routine generally means Mars in Gemini natives are busy people.

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This position inclines toward passive-aggressiveness. These people seem to resist change and to shy away from direct confrontations. They need to feel secure before they act. As a result, they can appear rather slow at times. They may appear weak to some, but they can be very strong. Their strength lies in their tenaciousness.

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Their sex drive can be very tied up with emotional need. At their best, they exude a protective, almost therapeutic aura about them. The protective nature of Cancer is best expressed when Mars in Cancer natives are turning the energy outward — when they are being the protectors of others.

Turning it inwards is when there are problems. They should watch for over-sensitivity and self-protection if it limits their lives. These people are threatened by indifference. They can be argumentative and manipulative. Their energy levels are variable, and they can appear to move rather slowly. They have defensive reactions and bursts of emotional displays when they feel cornered. They may have troubles venting their frustrations, which can come out erratically.

Stomach upsets are real and often brought on by worry. The tendency to dwell runs high. With more continuity, routine, and discipline, they are happier and stronger.

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With Mars in Cancer, natives are moved into action through their emotions and moods and can seem quite moody to others as a result. When happy, they act with great confidence, and when tense, they can be entirely withdrawn. They rarely confront or initiate a fight, although they are certainly capable of instigating conflict. They are instinctively self-protective and cautious. This is a good position for chefs, domestic engineers, caregivers, carpenters, and builders.

With reassurance and confidence, these natives are protective, helpful, and dependable in the long haul. They prefer to handle situations peacefully and humanely. They can be bold and fearless when needed! Sexual astrology compatibility with an air sign Mars requires an open mind and a lot of patience, because the thought and idea of sex can be more fun for this playful lot than the actual experience. As lovers, Mars in air sign people like a lot of variety in their love life, and will never let it become boring — but they may lack the sensuality and emotional intimacy that others enjoy.

When Mars is in a water sign, we find a deeply thoughtful attitude towards sex.

Traits of the Mars in Aries Person

People with Mars in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces are romantic and sensual, and want to love with their whole being. Sex and intimacy are vital for these souls, but they value quality over quantity every time and are not really into extreme sex with the possible exception of Scorpio, who will do anything for the sake of power and experience. With a Mars in water sign individual, sexual astrology compatibility requires a tender approach and an understanding of the emotional implications behind the sexual act.

Additionally, fire and air sign Mars people are often magnetically attracted, as are water and earth sign Mars individuals.

Mars in Aries...

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