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Stress and other pressures may trouble your spirits at that point. Love life may have a progression of high points and low points through the period.

Key Dates:

Some brutal and unmanageable circumstances may add tension and strain. Try not to lose trust in the relationship, however as perfect circumstances are waiting for you around the corner. Do take note of these issues so that they are not repeated and are limited to this year. You might seem flirtatious, that might lead to a few events of opposing nature from your partner. This flirtatious nature along with your forthcoming nature might come across being disloyal, so be very careful in the coming year.

You would come across numerous potential partners in this year. Feelings of romance would be significant between August-October this year. With Saturn traveling your natal house you would have the inclination to settle down in a good relationship or even marriage, however Uranus may play spoilsport once in a while. Celebrate Happy New Year with us! New Year Horoscope Compatibility. Monthly Horoscope. Bank Holidays Hong Kong. Bring out ALL the facets of your personality or, um, personalities and let your inner performer take the stage.

Sun enters Scorpio

Fall romance could be on the agenda for many Twins with el Sol blazing through this dynamic sector. As virile Mars visits your fertile fifth house, Geminis of the childbearing set could get a visit from the proverbial stork before or during the holidays. Mars in your reactive fifth house can also amp up jealousy, an impulse that will be strengthened on October 3, when Pluto, the planet all things hidden, surfaces from a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your intense eighth house.

You may have done some deep soul-searching and releasing of turbulent emotions, like shame, resentment and codependency. An ex could have resurfaced, driving up jealousy or suppressed desires. Have you been unsure whether to trust someone or get financially entwined?

Gemini Monthly Love And Relationship Horoscope

Clarity could arrive shortly after the month begins. On October 7, the Sun will lock horns in its semiannual square with stubborn Saturn, which might spark a battle of wills. On the other hand, simmering sexual chemistry can reach full consummation today, if only because the tension is too strong to resist. It may be impossible to hold back your feelings! Squares can bring things to a breaking point OR a turning point. One way or the other, it will likely be a relief to get out of limbo. On October 13, Pluto will get embroiled in a square to the full moon in Aries and your eleventh house of groups, networking and technology.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope for Today

These lunar beams mark an important day for any collaborative endeavors, so make sure you get out and mingle proactively. You could meet some amazing people who SEEM to be on the same page as you. But with shadowy Pluto in the mix, be careful how much you reveal right off the bat since not everything will be out in the open. Keep confidential intel under wraps until you learn more about how and if! Take precautions with anyone you meet online as well as this moon-Pluto conflict could set the stage for catfishing, identity theft or another kind of digital scam.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope |

Steer clear of borrowing and lending money with friends or getting involved in anything involving finances or assets. Have you been on the fence about a certain friendship and whether it can go the distance? This full moon could bring a decisive moment. You and your partner help each other out. When the other is weak, the other one steps up and becomes a source of strength. Single Gemini people may find themselves being hotly pursued by someone new, and it will feel very exciting. Just make sure to get to know this person very well because not everyone is what they seem.

A young relationship will quickly turn serious because of your natural charm, sweetness, and openness. Some marriages will be tested during this period, but your commitment to each other will only strengthen your love for one another. Your positive and optimistic influence will also inspire your partner to be bolder and more courageous when it comes to love and romance.

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The key days in January, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are January 14 th , January 16 th , and January 23 rd , When the month of February comes around, it will be challenging not to feel some kind of pressure to be in a relationship. The key days in February, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are February 19 th , February 24 th , and February 22 nd , When the month of March rolls in, Gemini people will be encouraged to discover new possibilities that will greatly improve their romantic life.

Surprisingly, you will like your date more than you expect, and this can possibly lead to something more serious!

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  • The key days in March, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are March 1 st , March 15 th , and March 26 th , When the month of April comes around, you will be making quite a few big decisions that will affect your relationship or your marriage. It has been a long time coming. As much as you want to delay it once again, you really need to decide now once and for all.

    But trust that whatever you choose will be for the best. Remember that the more you become indecisive about it, the more time you will waste, and the less happiness and stability you will enjoy. There may also be some communication problems with someone that you really fancy. It will be a challenge trying to ask them the right questions that will not offend them.

    Gemini people who are in long-distance relationships may feel a little uninspired this month.

    GEMINI SINGLES *IT'S COMING! GET READY!* OCTOBER 2019 😱 Psychic Tarot Reading

    However, you will be reminded by the universe that you are in a relationship with a really terrific person. Single people will have a more enjoyable time this month. You will be perfectly happy with your relationship status because of your natural confidence and optimism. The key days in April, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are April 9 th , April 20 th , and April 27 th , If you are in a relationship, this can be the month that your special someone will propose marriage, or ask you to move in, or bring up the topic of babies.

    Your personal life will be very happy and satisfying. The only thing that you need to do to continue enjoying this happy state is to get rid of bad habits in your relationship. Love can come unexpectedly, and it can come from all directions. You need to be ready when love strikes, so keep your eyes open and make sure that your attention is not fixated on something or someone else.

    Even if you face some challenging times in your love life this month, remember that every relationship faces a lot of unpleasant moments. Whether you feel unhappy, exhausted, impatient, or stuck, you will take the high road and choose to resolve the problem and spend more time together as a couple.

    The key days in May, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are May 14 th , May 28 th , and May 30 th , As someone born under this zodiac sign, you will be able to adapt easily to any kind of situation. Whether a situation is favorable or not, you will be able to communicate easily and know the best way to go.

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    You may often find yourself bored, and this will give you the assumption that you will not be a very good romantic partner. Any feeling of love will be increased this month, and you will find yourself wanting to spend every waking moment with the person you love. The passion and the commitment that you will experience this month will make you more certain that your partner is the one. It will convince you that you are with the person that you are meant to be with.

    The key days in June, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are June 5 th , June 14 th , and June 21 st , You may be feeling a little impatient about how things are progressing between you and the person you love.